MCT Oil Coconut versus Palm

For the last three years, MCT has been the “it” Oil for raw materials ingredient purchasing.  MCT has been used for many formulations, and there are studies on how that MCT Oil can boost energy and the immune system.  There are also studies that claim MCT Oil to support healthy weight loss.  Many of our customers ask about the mixture of Coconut and Palm in MCT Oil.

In the beginning, many products were derived from coconut.  However, as usage increased, people started using the palms, as well.  Palms produce throughout the year whereas coconut trees only produce coconuts a couple of times a year.

The detergent industry is the predominant user of C12/C14 fatty acids because they are the soapy acids.  C12/C14 are higher in the palm. C6 gives you goat like flavor and C12 soapy flavor.  For those using the oil where taste is a factor, lower C6 and C12 are better.

Manufacturers in the nutraceutical, pet, beverage and food industry are working with palm and coconut for the essential fatty acids C8/C10, and there are only two sources of these fatty acids in the world – palm and coconut.

Customers may be concerned about RSPO – Renewable Sustainable Palm Oil, which has to do with how the plantations are ensuring they are protecting the environment and not abusing it.   CONNOILS works only farms that are increasingly making strides to put all possible guidelines in place to support RSPO.


Antioxidants – Testing, Applications, Delivery and more – Part III

What are Popular Applications and Delivery formats for Antioxidants?

Full disclosure, CONNOILS uses third party labs for Antioxidant testing.

Delivery systems for Antioxidants can take a variety of forms.  Certainly nuts, fruits and vegetables are easy.  When that’s not enough though, Supplements and Functional Food/antioxidant enriched finished products are next.  There so many packaged goods companies across Food, Beverage, Sports Nutrition, Pet, and Health and Beauty that will add a common Antioxidant like Vitamins A, C and E or Selenium to their product packaging so that they can make a label claim.

Nutritional Softgels

CONNOILS predictions for the future of the Antioxidant category …

The demand for Antioxidants will always be there.  Today, Consumers are very educated about everything they put in their mouths.   They have complete access through search engines and trusted web-sites to type in their “ailment”, “self-diagnose” and head to their local drug or grocery store to find the appropriate supplement and/or food that is right for them.   At CONNOILS, we are also seeing this amazing trend happening for Organic products and we believe this category will experience tremendous growth. The media has spoken to a very receptive audience that will first do their research first before they dive in. Consumers have “spoken” and will continue to “speak” through their purchasing power in the Antioxidant and overall health and wellness category.

Contact CONNOILS to discuss Antioxidants and your formulation needs.


Antioxidants and Emerging Ingredients – Part II

People often ask ‘What are the most popular Antioxidants in the market, and which are emerging ingredients to watch?’ 

Traditionally, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) and Vitamin E (alpha-Tocopherol) have been at the forefront as the most widely accepted and used forms of Antioxidants.  Many of the products we offer that have their own natural antioxidants helping them maintain their stability are those rich in fat soluble Vitamin E like Wheat Germ, Safflower and Sunflower Oils and Oil Powders for supplements.


Modern engineering and science have introduced ways to process plant derived ingredients so they maintain their “Natural” Antioxidants to support a longer shelf life and ideally can be passed along to the body once consumed.   Products rich in Carnosic Acid, like Rosemary Extract, have been proven to be even more capable than C, A and E as Antioxidants, Natural Preservatives and Natural Bacteria Inhibitors.

The Antioxidant category is exploding.   Oxidation is a chemical reaction that is the onset of rancidity and the cultivator of free radical production in our bodies.  Free radicals have to power to damage cells and impact overall homeostasis.

At CONNOILS, we focus on our own objectives and not on what others are doing.  As a specialty oil company, we understand that the biggest issue we face in our market segments is stability or lack thereof.  So Natural Antioxidants and preservatives, whether introduced prior, during, or after processing, play a key role in how we meet our customers objectives.

Contact CONNOILS to discuss Antioxidants for your formulation goals.

Antioxidant Rich Foods and Supplements – Part I

What health objectives and concerns are leading consumers to turn to Antioxidant rich foods and supplements, and who are these consumers?

Like it or not, the media drives awareness (whether true or not) about everything consumers put in their mouths! Especially when they are trying to align a health concern to a food group or ingredient. Today every health ailment has a “magic bullet” food or product that will drive consumer to flock to purchase. Antioxidants being labeled “Super Foods” was a brilliant catch phrase for fighting low immune systems, anti- aging, weight loss, etc. Colorful fruits and vegetables are the top Food antioxidants. Nutritionally, foods and supplements high in Vitamin A, C and E are known antioxidant boosters in our system.


Achieving a healthy lifestyle through the use of antioxidants is culturally assumed today. The media constantly reminds us that Antioxidants either provide preventive benefits to stay healthy, or proactively – to minimize or shorten the length of time it takes to overcome an illness.

Multiple studies will confirm that Baby Boomers and Millennials (equally men and women from a gender percentage) are the two largest demographic segments for the Health and Wellness category. The health and wellness industry is exploding and not just for humans. Consumers are also paying billions of dollars on their Pets; from keeping their coat nice and shiny, making their food more palatable, managing weight gain and stemming the risk of cancer. Some studies have shown that consumers spend more money on their Pet’s health and wellness than they do on themselves.

What are your thoughts on Antioxidants?

Why Cranberry Protein Powder?

When one looks at the most purchased protein powders in our industry in the chart below, one sees that Cranberry Protein Powder has the lowest % of Protein as compared to similar market compounds. Some would say “Wow! That’s Terrible!”

But is it?  Does it tell the complete story?  …   Cranberry Protein Powder


Typical % Conventional Organic or IP
Description Protein Content Sales $ Sales $
Cranberry Seed Protein Powder 25 $16.25 $35.00
Hemp Protein Powder 50 $6.65 $9.10
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder 55 $22.25 $25.25
Rice Protein Powder 80 $7.25 n/a
Pea Protein Powder 80 $6.75 n/a
Whey Protein Powder 80 $8.00 n/a
Soy Protein Powder 90 $11.25 $22.75

Proteins are found in our skin, muscles, tendons and cartilage, hair and nails.  New proteins are needed to form enzymes, hormones and antibodies, replace old cells, build new tissue and transport nutrients in and out of cells.  Our bodies need 22 different amino acids to build and repair muscles and tissues.  And of those 22-amino acids, we can only manufacture 13 on our own.  The other 9-amino acids, referred to as “Essential Amino Acids: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine”, come from the proteins we consume.

Cranberry Protein Powder is the only plant derived protein powder that delivers ALL 22-AMNO ACIDS – INCLUDING THE 9-ESSENTIAL Amino Acids.

To keep our bodies in top performance, our diet needs to be comprised of at least 10 – 35% protein and let’s face it, not everyone wants to be a carnivore – especially when being a carnivore can mean health issues like Cardiovascular Disease.  So we look for PLANT DERIVED Protein Powders to support a healthier lifestyle.

Cranberry Protein Powder is The Best Choice!

Contact CONNOILS to discuss Cranberry Protein Powder for your formulations.

CONNOILS Knows Supercritical Fluid Extraction

(SFE) is alive and well in processing oils and oil powders.


Food, Cosmetic, Nutrition industries that utilize SC-CO2 are embracing multiple fluid platforms because of the great benefits:

  • Increased Customer Demand due to smaller carbon footprint
  • Effective utilization of the pressurized equipment and facilities
  • Elimination of solvent residuals in end products
  • Resolves (or eliminates) solvent disposal problems
  • Provides the ability to customize the raw materials by separation of different moieties
  • GREEN Technology for the entire extraction process

CONNOILS is committed to a greener planet by helping to reduce solvent use when processing Oils and Oil Powders.

Contact to learn more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

CONNOILS wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving with many Blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving

Congratulations Bioriginals on being named STEP Exporter of the Year!

During our travels in the great province of Saskatoon, we had the pleasure of being invited to attend the STEP-Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership Trade Conference.  We’d like to be one of the first to congratulate Bioriginals on their receipt of the prestigious STEP Exporter of the Year Award.  As well as the finalists Bioriginals, POS Bio Sciences and Agrocorp International.

We have learned very beneficial information by taking part in this Trade Conference and touring the variety of agricultural land.  We had numerous one on one meetings with extremely interesting entrepreneurial suppliers and are excited to add and share some of these new ingredient opportunities with you in the near future.

Beckman Family


Hats off to the hospitality received by everyone we meet from Saskatoon and the many companies represented at the Conference.


Plant Derived Protein Solutions

Check it Out Plant Derived Protein Solutions for Heart and Joint Health in Pet Nutrition!

Pet Nutrition

Do You Know the Power of Grape Seed Oil?

Did you know that we can turn virtually any Oil into a Powder?  Ask your CONNOILS Sales Director for more information.

Do you know the Power of Grape Seed Oil?

CONNOILS knows the power of Grape Seed Oil.  Here are some of the key Health and Beauty benefits of all things Grape! 

  • It is especially effective on Oil or Acne-prone skin due to its astringent properties. Although, it can be used as a face cream on all skin types.
  • It offers regenerative qualities that combat the signs of aging, especially around the eyes with its powerful antioxidants.
  • Because it is an excellent emollient, it seals in moisture and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.
  • If you are struggling with thinning hair, it also promotes hair growth.
  • Got a sunburn?  Grape Seed is a soothing repair alternative.
  • Whether it’s used as a body hygiene cream, hand cream, lip balm, massage oil or even a shave cream, Grape Seed is a great addition to your formulation needs.
  • Because of its light color, bland odor and high stability it will have a longer shelf life for your finished products.
  • As a Food Additive. Grape Seed Oil continues to be used in Salad Dressings or as an alternative Cooking oil due to its high smoke point and high polyunsaturated fat content.

Finally, as Lucy can attest, Grape Seed Oil is also a bi-product of wine production!


Want to know more about the power of Grape Seed Oil?  Ask CONNOILS and Contact Us!



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Food Additive

Skin Benefits

Healthy Hair

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