Nutrients YOU need but maybe didn’t realize it!

Vitamin A is essential for collagen synthesis and can help treat wrinkles and prevent skin injury and ulcers. A study was done on a group of elderly people living in senior citizen facilities and found that topical retinol (Vitamin A1) application helped improve fine wrinkles associated with natural aging. This was partially due to increased collagen synthesis and better water retention in the skin.

Our skin is constantly bombarded with elements that cause oxidative damage such as UV radiation, smoke, and free radicals. ALA helps to fight the toxins that result from oxidative stress to the skin and lead to photoaging and even skin cancers. ALA is the omega-3 essential fatty acid that you can find in plants and seeds.

Essential fatty acids are potent antioxidants and important for many aspects of our health, including skin care. Essential fatty acids are important in the cell membranes of the skin, as well as in the skin barrier function and preventing inflammation. It can also help in the case of allergic skin diseases, acne and other skin disorders. Generally speaking the western diet is very high in omega 6 fatty acids due to our overconsumption of processed foods. That’s why in order to maintain a healthy ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 we should eat more natural food sources that include but are not limited to fish, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed oil, walnuts and so on.

Vitamin B helps provide important benefits to the skin and a deficiency may lead to different skin defects. A study done with rats showed that they developed different types of skin disorders based on whether they were deprived of B6, B2 or flavin. Another study found that deficiency in vitamins B2 and B6 affected the maturity of collagen in the skin and may be related to skin lesions. Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6 can be found in whole grains, spinach, liver, and dairy products.

Vitamin C and E are both strong antioxidants and therefore useful in combatting oxidative stress in our skin. Vitamin C and E are often used in combination. Together, these two vitamins have been found to possess photoprotective properties. These vitamins are also able to protect against skin cancers. Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables such as oranges, green peppers, watermelon and berries. The best source of vitamin E is wheat germ but it can also be found in liver, eggs, nuts, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, avocado and asparagus.

Bottom Line

Following a diet that includes these vitamins and nutrients will help prevent a number of skin disorders and improve its overall complexion as well as help facilitate its function in protecting us from environmental pollutants and damage.

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Protein, protein, protein!

Protein powder is always an increasingly in demand product in many industries. Connoils actively provides many powders to the sports nutrition industry, food & beverage, pet nutrition and nutraceuticals as well. Our goal is to provide these industries with quality and consistent products, so their end product exceeds excellence.

While researching protein powders and knowing exactly which kind to purchase, remember you can always call our corporate office and speak to one of our many educated and experienced professional employee, and they would be happy to assist with any questions you might have. 1-262-662-5533, we understand the many different protein powders could get confusing and while Collagen powder has been catching the eye of many industries, its versatility and massive health benefits make it a #1 option to many of our customers! Let’s us email you a quote today

We understand you have many options for a supplier, so when you need quality and assurance call or email Connoils, we will make sure you are taken care of and treated like family.

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Organic Vs Conventional: A study confirms our crops provide more nutrients through organic farming

The organic vs. conventional debate: Organic onions boast more antioxidants after a six-year study found more antioxidant activity and higher flavonol content in #organic onions over #conventional onions. The question of whether organic food is any more nutritious than conventional has been a long-running and heated debate.

One of the latest developments in this ongoing debate, however, suggests it is. Researchers in Ireland have found in an experiment that onions grown organically contained higher antioxidant levels than their non-organic counterparts. It’s a relatively narrow finding, but significant because of the duration of study, which is said to be the longest-running focused on the organic vs. conventional question.

For the study, published recently in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the research team grew two onion varieties—“Red Baron” and “Hyskin”—in a variety of conditions between 2009 and 2014. They analyzed levels of antioxidants and other compounds associated with various health benefits, and found higher antioxidant levels in both types of onions when grown using organic practices. The organic onions also had up to 20 percent higher flavonol content than the conventional crop. The researchers attributed the differences mainly to different soil management practices.

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Inflammation: What’s all the noise about?

Inflammation can happen systemically, or at different points around the body – at any age. While it is true that generally we get more inflammation as we age, it is not specifically true that this has to be the case. Even if your diet is balanced with an assortment of healthy foods, it is still important to consume two #essential #fatty #acids: linoleic acid — LA — an omega-6, and alpha-linolenic acid — ALA — an omega-3. These are essential because the body cannot make them, however many people choose to consume EFAs for health reasons. Different EFAs soothe different types of #inflammation. #educate #distract #supplements #borageoil #GRAScertified #borageoil #inflammation #bulkoils #bulkpowders changing the way you live. Visit our products

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492. It was unofficially celebrated in a number of cities and states as early as the 18th century but did not become a federal holiday until the 1937.

It was a new world discovery, and since then early settlers of this great land had only #natural resources available for their food source. Not only did they live off the land, they did so without pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. If we were able to live without those on our crops back then, we should have no problems today.

While Connoils uses three different crop methods, we know the importance of natural and organic crops to offer clean ingredients for a better life.

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Do You Know The Power of Grape Seed Oil?

CONNOILS knows the power of Grape Seed Oil. Consider some of the key Health and Beauty benefits of “All Things Grape!”

  • It is especially effective on Oil or Acne-prone skin due to its astringent properties. Although, it can be used as a face cream on all skin types.
  • GSO offers regenerative qualities that combat the signs of aging, especially around the eyes with its powerful antioxidants.
  • Because it is an excellent emollient, Grape Seed Oil seals in moisture and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.
  • If you are struggling with thinning hair, it is also said also promotes hair growth.
  • Got a sunburn?  Grape Seed is a soothing repair alternative.
  • Whether it’s used as a body hygiene cream, hand cream, lip balm, massage oil or even a shave cream, Grape Seed is a great addition to your formulation needs.
  • Because of its light color, bland odor and high stability it will have a longer shelf life for your finished products.
  • As a Food Additive. Grape Seed Oil continues to be used in Salad Dressings or as an alternative Cooking oil due to its high smoke point and high polyunsaturated fat content.

Finally, as Lucy can attest, Grape Seed Oil is also a bi-product of wine production!

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April is Autism Awareness Month

The Puzzle Piece is a symbol that reflects the mystery and complexity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since every puzzle piece is different in some way, a puzzle piece accurately represents the diversity of the individuals affected by Autism.

Near and Dear to the Hearts of our CONNOILS’ Family are the young adults who are enrolled at the Wisconsin Independent Learning College in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

WILC believes that knowledge is power. They understand that specially trained staff with the heart and vision of their mission is essential to the success of the program. They strive to provide an environment that inspires creativity, encourages individuality and supports young adults affected by Autism to feel safe and free to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions and ultimately realize their dreams. WILC Staff understands that each person is unique and will require individualized programming to achieve their highest level of independent functioning.

WILC provides integrated, personalize training and therapy programs within a campus-life community that teaches, trains, and coaches through an innovative multi-modality approach. The programs include:

  • Academic Instruction individually and in groups
  • Nutrition and Healthy Food Choices
  • Finances and Budgeting
  • Social Cues
  • Pre-Vocational and Vocational Skills
  • Music Therapy
  • Out and About in the Community
  • Free Time and Leisure Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Art Therapy
  • Yoga

We are happy and enthusiastic about partnering, working, and supporting the students at Wisconsin Independent Learning College. We love that we can provide work experience opportunities for individuals with disabilities!

For more information contact The Wisconsin Independent Learning College

The CONNOILS’ Family





April is Donate Life and Save Lives Month

April is Donate Life Month.

CONNOILS is committed to the cause of Organ Donation. Our CONNOILS Family members have impacted the lives of 12 people by being an organ donor.

The need for organ, eye and tissue donors is on-going. There are 118, 000 people are waiting for an Organ. CONNOILS is spreading the word to help educate others about donation. Let’s take small steps each day towards saving more lives.

You may Register to become a Donor.  The registration is a binding, legal document of gift. You affirm the information provided is accurate. You agree upon death to donate all eligible organs and tissue for transplant.

You can update or remove your registration or specify more detailed donation preferences at any time at The National Donate Life Registry is managed by Donate Life America.

Thank You!


CONNOILS Celebrates 10 Years!

CEO Stacy Peterson introduced CONNOILS to the Natural Products Industry as a leading Global Manufacturer & Distributor of Raw Materials, Natural/Organic Oils, Lecithins, Collagens & Supplements, in 2007.  These products are sold to the Health and Wellness, Food, Beverage, Beauty, Personal Care, Nutraceutical & Sports & Pet Nutrition Industries.  What started out as a one-woman operation became an accredited Woman Owned Business! Our 10 Year Anniversary is this year.

CONNOILS CEO Stacy Peterson

Outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, CONNOILS is best known for being a quality source of Plant Derived Oils rich in Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9, typically derived from dried seeds or berries.  We’ve serviced the Wet/Oil side for multiple industries & we continue to Innovate the Dry/Powder side of our business.  It’s been one of our biggest accomplishments.

The key to CONNOILS’ success is staying ahead of industry Trends & continuing to Innovate & educate ourselves & our Customers across target categories.  Our Oils are can be Stabilized Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 Oil Powders. We specialize in Plant Derived Powders, Proteins, Fiber Sources & Lecithins (Soy/Sunflower) Fluids, Granules & Powders). Our Oils & Powders can be finished products for Private Label Bottling and packaging for Direct-To-Consumer.

We understand that our Customers & Team are the keys to success.  2013 began CONNOILS Global Sales & Marketing Team.  The International Division is headed by Sales Director Elizabeth Cambar-Roney.  She brings over 20 years of International Sales experience & speaks Five languages!  International Sales have grown significantly with customers across six continents; North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia & Africa.

Lisa Mack joined CONNOILS as Sales & Marketing Director.  Her 30+ years of experience in Consumer Packaged Goods & Marketing have made CONNOILS a Globally Recognized Partner.  Our Website, along with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook social media pages as well as many Industry Targeted Publications like Ingredients Insights are what keeps us growing.  Lisa also manages our East Coast Sales Effort.

Raven Helgestad joined the team in 2012 as Customer Support & Inside Sales.  Her promotion as West Coast Sales Director in 2015 was well deserved and has exceeded expectations.

Brian Ballo started in a Customer Support role and has been promoted to Midwest Sales Director.  A Medic in the US Army, with two tours of duty, Brian’s Technical knowledge and Innovative thinking benefit us internally as well as with ALL Customers.

CONNOILS’ offers CO2 Extraction to support the Saw Palmetto & Hemp markets.  This Technology offers Low-Temperature Processing, retaining Natural Properties, High efficiency & Selectivity, Natural Sterilization and Elimination of Heavy Metals & Pesticides. This GREEN TECHNOLOGY offers no pollutants to the environment.  We are now a full partner in our long-time relationship with our supply chain in Fort Myers, FL.

CONNOILS is committed to Giving Back to our Community & Industry!  We support the Wisconsin Independent Learning College in our hometown of Waukesha, WI.  WILC is the ONLY organization to support higher learning for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) between the ages of 18 – 30 years old.

We are a sponsor of Vitamin Angels. This Global Organization fights malnutrition by providing Vitamins to children.  Their efforts help to fight preventable illnesses, blindness & death.

CONNOILS’ success both Domestically and Internationally demonstrates our awareness of Customer needs and an understanding what it takes for Success in this Global economy.

CONNOILS is Under Construction

It’s an exciting day! CONNOILS has broken ground and is Under Construction for the new Clean Room.  You ask, what is a “Clean Room?” It is a room typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, a cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapors.This Clean Room will be dedicated to Retail level packaging. Take a look at the beginning of the demolition! We’ll continue to share the progress of the CONNOILS’ construction.