Antioxidants – Testing, Applications, Delivery and more – Part III

What are Popular Applications and Delivery formats for Antioxidants?

Full disclosure, CONNOILS uses third party labs for Antioxidant testing.

Delivery systems for Antioxidants can take a variety of forms.  Certainly nuts, fruits and vegetables are easy.  When that’s not enough though, Supplements and Functional Food/antioxidant enriched finished products are next.  There so many packaged goods companies across Food, Beverage, Sports Nutrition, Pet, and Health and Beauty that will add a common Antioxidant like Vitamins A, C and E or Selenium to their product packaging so that they can make a label claim.

Nutritional Softgels

CONNOILS predictions for the future of the Antioxidant category …

The demand for Antioxidants will always be there.  Today, Consumers are very educated about everything they put in their mouths.   They have complete access through search engines and trusted web-sites to type in their “ailment”, “self-diagnose” and head to their local drug or grocery store to find the appropriate supplement and/or food that is right for them.   At CONNOILS, we are also seeing this amazing trend happening for Organic products and we believe this category will experience tremendous growth. The media has spoken to a very receptive audience that will first do their research first before they dive in. Consumers have “spoken” and will continue to “speak” through their purchasing power in the Antioxidant and overall health and wellness category.

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