Antioxidant Rich Foods and Supplements – Part I

What health objectives and concerns are leading consumers to turn to Antioxidant rich foods and supplements, and who are these consumers?

Like it or not, the media drives awareness (whether true or not) about everything consumers put in their mouths! Especially when they are trying to align a health concern to a food group or ingredient. Today every health ailment has a “magic bullet” food or product that will drive consumer to flock to purchase. Antioxidants being labeled “Super Foods” was a brilliant catch phrase for fighting low immune systems, anti- aging, weight loss, etc. Colorful fruits and vegetables are the top Food antioxidants. Nutritionally, foods and supplements high in Vitamin A, C and E are known antioxidant boosters in our system.


Achieving a healthy lifestyle through the use of antioxidants is culturally assumed today. The media constantly reminds us that Antioxidants either provide preventive benefits to stay healthy, or proactively – to minimize or shorten the length of time it takes to overcome an illness.

Multiple studies will confirm that Baby Boomers and Millennials (equally men and women from a gender percentage) are the two largest demographic segments for the Health and Wellness category. The health and wellness industry is exploding and not just for humans. Consumers are also paying billions of dollars on their Pets; from keeping their coat nice and shiny, making their food more palatable, managing weight gain and stemming the risk of cancer. Some studies have shown that consumers spend more money on their Pet’s health and wellness than they do on themselves.

What are your thoughts on Antioxidants?