Why Cranberry Protein Powder?

When one looks at the most purchased protein powders in our industry in the chart below, one sees that Cranberry Protein Powder has the lowest % of Protein as compared to similar market compounds. Some would say “Wow! That’s Terrible!”

But is it?  Does it tell the complete story?  …   Cranberry Protein Powder


Typical % Conventional Organic or IP
Description Protein Content Sales $ Sales $
Cranberry Seed Protein Powder 25 $16.25 $35.00
Hemp Protein Powder 50 $6.65 $9.10
Sacha Inchi Protein Powder 55 $22.25 $25.25
Rice Protein Powder 80 $7.25 n/a
Pea Protein Powder 80 $6.75 n/a
Whey Protein Powder 80 $8.00 n/a
Soy Protein Powder 90 $11.25 $22.75

Proteins are found in our skin, muscles, tendons and cartilage, hair and nails.  New proteins are needed to form enzymes, hormones and antibodies, replace old cells, build new tissue and transport nutrients in and out of cells.  Our bodies need 22 different amino acids to build and repair muscles and tissues.  And of those 22-amino acids, we can only manufacture 13 on our own.  The other 9-amino acids, referred to as “Essential Amino Acids: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine”, come from the proteins we consume.

Cranberry Protein Powder is the only plant derived protein powder that delivers ALL 22-AMNO ACIDS – INCLUDING THE 9-ESSENTIAL Amino Acids.

To keep our bodies in top performance, our diet needs to be comprised of at least 10 – 35% protein and let’s face it, not everyone wants to be a carnivore – especially when being a carnivore can mean health issues like Cardiovascular Disease.  So we look for PLANT DERIVED Protein Powders to support a healthier lifestyle.

Cranberry Protein Powder is The Best Choice!

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