MCT Oil Coconut versus Palm

For the last three years, MCT has been the “it” Oil for raw materials ingredient purchasing.  MCT has been used for many formulations, and there are studies on how that MCT Oil can boost energy and the immune system.  There are also studies that claim MCT Oil to support healthy weight loss.  Many of our customers ask about the mixture of Coconut and Palm in MCT Oil.

In the beginning, many products were derived from coconut.  However, as usage increased, people started using the palms, as well.  Palms produce throughout the year whereas coconut trees only produce coconuts a couple of times a year.

The detergent industry is the predominant user of C12/C14 fatty acids because they are the soapy acids.  C12/C14 are higher in the palm. C6 gives you goat like flavor and C12 soapy flavor.  For those using the oil where taste is a factor, lower C6 and C12 are better.

Manufacturers in the nutraceutical, pet, beverage and food industry are working with palm and coconut for the essential fatty acids C8/C10, and there are only two sources of these fatty acids in the world – palm and coconut.

Customers may be concerned about RSPO – Renewable Sustainable Palm Oil, which has to do with how the plantations are ensuring they are protecting the environment and not abusing it.   CONNOILS works only farms that are increasingly making strides to put all possible guidelines in place to support RSPO.